About Us


Yonah Packs is a small business started in the United States in 2018. The founder Marcelo, a Tenkara fishing lover in North Georgia, came up with the idea of making his own fishing bag with his grandma’s antique sewing machine because he couldn’t find a perfect one on the market. Just like that, it perfectly meets his needs for Tenkara equipment.

Fortunately, the story didn’t stop there, his handmade packs are widely shared and have become one of the most popular fishing bags for Tenkara fishing, fly fishing and bike fishing in the United States today.



Yonah Packs are made to be light, simple and intuitive—to be ready to get on the water and carry what you really need without adding weight.

With this in mind, it’s only fair to use two perfect outdoor gear ultralight fabrics: X-Pac and Dyneema composite. X-Pac is a lightweight sailcloth fabric made with a nylon surface and an added layer of polyester X-Ply reinforcements; dyneema is an ultra-lightweight non woven fabric that has one of the best strength to weight ratios on the market.



We are outdoor lovers and found Yonah Packs through friends recommendations. We love how simple and practical these packs are, and valued their original and unique design. That’s how we are committed to putting this value in motion and make it available in the UK.

By eliminating the clutter that we usually carry along the trails and streams, Yonah Packs enables anglers, hikers and ultralight travellers to have more fun and explore a bit further tirelessly on every excursion.

We are very excited to share some of their products and hope to see more items in the future. Make Yonah Packs a global symbol for outdoor fun, and fly fishing innovation.

Above all, if the sun shines and the rules allow, there will be as much time spent outside in the fresh air as possible. We hope this pack fits your needs to fully enjoy this summer!



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